Seahawks vs. Cardinals: 5 questions about Arizona with Raising Zona

The Seahawks play the Cardinals on Sunday at 1:05 pm PT. To find out more about Arizona I asked five questions to Scott Allen of Raising Zona.

Neither the Seahawks nor the Cardinals are off to great starts in 2018. 12s all know Seattle is 1-2. But Arizona is 0-3. Seattle should be in a good position to win on Sunday. But are they?

To find out more, I asked five questions about the Cardinals and Sunday’s game to Scott Allen of FanSided’s Cardinals’ site, Raising Zona. Here is what he has to say.

12th Man Rising: The Cardinals offense has really struggled so far in 2018. But Josh Rosen might supply a spark. Why has the offense struggled so much and what do you expect of Rosen against Seattle?

Scott Allen: Most people are pointing to offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.  Honestly though, we didn’t see it coming despite McCoy’s track record.  Preseason was preseason but having seen what they were able to accomplish, the calls have been completely different.  I expect Rosen to look good at times and also struggle and look like a rookie at times.  I think he will provide a spark but people can’t expect miracles out of the gate.

12th Man: Steven Wilks is still new as head coach. But what do you think of the job he has done and what positives has he brought to the team?

SA: Poor.  He’s not made good personnel decisions.  He pulled David Johnson out on a crucial 3rd and 2 last Sunday to use it as a teaching moment.  Horrible call.  They used Chase Edmonds instead and it cost them a chance to beat Chicago. He looked like a winner in preseason.  Nothing wrong with him it seemed early on but now it seems he is not taking accountability and stubborn on making any changes.  The jury is definitely still out.

12th Man: What are the three biggest surprises you have seen from the Cardinals – good or bad – this year?

SA: Well at 0-3 it’s been mostly bad.  However a few bright spots have been nose tackle Robert Nkemdiche.  He seems to finally be getting it after struggling his first two seasons.  I also think Bene Benwickere looks good at cornerback.  Other than that, not much to write home about in any phase of the game.

12th Man: Who is one offensive and one defensive player that may be a bit under-the radar for Arizona that could make a difference in Sunday’s game?


Offense: Christian Kirk.  The kid can catch and the kid can run.  Eventually when he starts hooking up with Rosen on a consistent basis, they will be a headache to deal with.

Defense: Linebacker Josh Bynes.  Guy seems to always be around the play.  He works hard and you should hear his name called several times – at least – on Sunday.

12th Man: Who wins when the Seahawks play the Cardinals and why?

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SA: Seahawks 23 Cardinals 17. Arizona will come close, but in the end will probably make one too many mistakes like they did last week and fall to 0-4.




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