Seahawks vs. Cowboys: Staff predictions for Wild Card game

The Seahawks play the Cowboys in the opening round of the 2018 playoffs. Here is what the 12th Man Rising staff thinks will happen.

It honestly seems like more than a season has gone by since the Seahawks played the Cowboys. Yet, it was week three of the 2018 season. A lot has changed for both teams. Seattle has gone 10-4 after opening the season 0-2. Dallas has gone 7-1 in their last eight.

The Cowboys, though, get this game at home so they have an advantage. But who wins on Saturday? Here are our best guesses.

Kevin Daggett (co-expert of the 12th Man Rising podcast)

Seattle made it into the playoffs. If you listen to our podcast, I was one Negative Nelly early on in the season. This team still has some issues. Not sure what they are but they are a good team nonetheless. We all know the playoffs are a whole new season and there are always surprises. I have high hope’s for these Seahawks and it starts in Big D Saturday.

Prediction: Seahawks 27 Cowboys 24

Luke Allen (contributor and expert at Ink on Indy)

I hate the Dallas Cowboys. I hate them even more when the Seahawks play them. But honestly, the Dallas Cowboys are very similar to the Seahawks. They run the ball well and have a stout defense. The difference between the two, however, is the quarterback situation. Who would you rather have in a playoff game – Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson? Also, who would you rather have coaching your team in the playoffs – Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones or Pete Carroll and John Schneider? I don’t want to over complicate it. Shut down Ezekiel Elliott, make Dak throw the ball forty times and play experienced Seahawks football. If that happens, Seattle moves on and knocks out Dallas.

Prediction: Seahawks 28 Cowboys 23

Todd Vandenberg (co-expert)

The Seahawks will rally from their stinkbug effort versus the Cardinals Sunday. The return of D.J. Fluker and J.R. Sweezy should help keep Russell Wilson vertical, which in turn will help the ‘Hawks go vertical with Tyler Lockett. Chris Carson will have his usual punishing runs as well. This time the defensive hero will be Bradley McDougald. He’s been great all year, but hasn’t really had a signature play yet. That changes against Cowboys.

Prediction: Seahawks 27 Cowboys 20

Lee Vowell (co-expert)

I am really surprised my mates here and going with the Seahawks. I mean, sure, we are all homers. But realistically speaking the Cowboys have evolved as much as Seattle has this year. Seattle won at CenturyLink earlier this season but this game is in Dallas. Seattle is certainly better than anyone expected but these teams are evenly matched so I will give the advantage to the home team.

Prediction: Cowboys 24 Seahawks 17