Seahawks can say goodbye to chance of drafting D.K. Metcalf after monster workout

The Seahawks need a big receiver. After D.K. Metcalf’s impressive combine, though, he will be gone long before Seattle can draft him.

D.K. Metcalf is a physical freak. Let me make that point clear. The Seahawks would clearly like a receiver with size and speed to go along with smaller wideouts Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin. But after Metcalf’s showing at the NFL Combine on Saturday, Metcalf will be long gone before Seattle has a chance to draft him.

General manager John Schneider watched Metcalf closely in college. But Metcalf was basically wasted at the University of Mississippi as the team was in chaos and disarray over the last couple of seasons. Having Hugh Freeze as your coach will do that to a team.

Metcalf also missed a bunch of 2018 with a neck injury. He played in just seven games and caught 26 passes. But five of those were for touchdowns and his average yards per catch was 21.9. That is pretty good, right?

Forget about Metcalf’s college numbers, though. He was a potential first round choice based on his physical ability. After Saturday that can be changed to a potential top-ten pick. This will be well out of range of where the Seahawks are hoping to choose even if they draft up a bit (which they never do).

Metcalf is six-foot-three and nearly 230 pounds. He ran a 4.33 40 on Saturday at the Combine. He also did a lot more reps on his bench press than I could do. (For the record, I could probably do the bench press bar twice with help.)

Seattle will need to look elsewhere for a third receiver. The problem is that the team might need a number two receiver. With Baldwin having multiple surgeries this offseason, one can rightly wonder if his health will start becoming a factor for the rest of his career. Seattle will have to find a receiver in the draft to help fix a growing issue in 2019, but it won’t be D.K. Metcalf.