Seahawks Sunday roundup: The salary cap, Frank Clark and Malik McDowell

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 30: Frank Clark (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 30: Frank Clark (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

It is early March but there is still lots of Seahawks news to write about. A lot of this week’s news has to do with the defensive line of Seattle.

The NFL Combine is happening this weekend, of course. You know that. But beyond that there is specific Seahawks news to discuss. One defensive lineman has been released, one might have to settle for more money and the NFL announced the salary cap for 2019.

Malik McDowell

In news that seem to be two years coming, Seattle released McDowell on Saturday. McDowell was a second round draft choice in 2017 and then got into an ATV accident and suffered a head injury. He has never played a down for Seattle and now he most definitely never will.

McDowell was waived last July 26th but no other team claimed him off waivers meaning Seattle was kind of stuck with him. The defensive tackle will still cost Seattle a cap hit of $2.07 million as part of his base salary was guaranteed.

Even though McDowell seems to want to keep playing football (because it would earn him money), Seahawks medical personnel do not seem to think that would be a smart thing for McDowell’s long-term health. Let’s hope McDowell makes the right decision.

Frank Clark might have to take slightly less money

If the Seahawks and Frank Clark cannot come to long-term deal prior to the team having to make a decision to franchise him, Clark would make less money than originally thought. Slightly. The salary cap number (more on this in just a minute) is a bit lower than expected for this coming season.

But because the cap is lower, franchise-tagged defensive ends are expected to actually make less than in 2018. The number for tagged ends will be $17,128,000 which is down from 2018’s $17,143,000. That is still a lot of money.

Plus, Clark will get paid either way by the Seahawks. He is either going to be tagged or extended. No reason to fret over the potential loss of Clark, 12s.

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The salary cap is less than expected

The cap last year was $177.2 million. In 2019, it will be $188.2 million. This is still more than 2018 but less than anticipated. The original projection was that the cap might be at least $190 million. Basically, this just means teams will have a bit less to spend and players, like Clark, will earn less if they receive the franchise tag.