Seahawks and Russell Wilson get deal done and there was rejoicing

The Seahawks worked out an extension with Russell Wilson before the quarterback’s self-imposed deadline. And Wilson will get paid a lot of money.

Dinner might be on Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the next several thousand years. According to multiple reports, Seattle and the best quarterback in franchise history worked out a contract extension that will pay Wilson $140 million over four years. This means Wilson will stay in Seattle through at least 2023. Wilson’s deal includes a $65 million signing bonus. Like I said, dinner could be on Wilson for a long time.

12s can now go on with their normal lives as they don’t have to worry about Wilson being traded or not working out a new contract. The quarterback will become the NFL’s highest paid player with an average salary of $35 million a season in new money. This passes Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Wilson’s contract includes $107 million in guarantees.

Mark Rodgers, Wilson’s agent, had imposed an April 15th deadline for Seattle to work out a contract extension or Wilson would have looked elsewhere. Seattle could have simply franchise tagged their quarterback for two seasons beyond 2019 but that won’t have to happen now.

During Wilson’s career he has proven to be unbelievably durable, missing no practices and no games. With so much money being guaranteed to Wilson over the next several seasons, the Seahawks have to hope Wilson’s healthy streak continues, otherwise the franchise is going to be hurt long-term.

Wilson signing his extension also means Seattle can turn its attention to trying to extend defensive end Frank Clark as well. Clark received the franchise tag this offseason and will be a free agent again after next season. Seattle will also need to find money for Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed. Both of those players will be free agents after next year too.