Seattle Seahawks: 15 best first-round draft picks of all-time

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Cortez Kennedy, Seattle Seahawks

Cortez Kennedy, Seattle Seahawks. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Dunn /Allsport

The Seattle Seahawks have had several great first-round choices in their history, including some Pro Football Hall of Famers. But who are the 15 best first-round picks ever made by Seattle?

Any NFL franchise worth its salt will have some first-round choices in its history that are truly great players. The Seattle Seahawks have been around for a bit over 40 seasons. In that time, they have had first-rounders go on to become Pro Football Hall of Famers.

In fact, Seattle has had so many great first-round picks that coming up with the 15 best is not an easy task. Some players will be left out that might deserve to be there. And some players might be on this list that you, dear reader, dispute. Comments are always welcome, of course. And I am OK with being wrong.

The great thing about lists like these isn’t that one knows they will change. No, the great thing is that for any franchise to be really good for years on end is that these lists must change.

If you are reading this list 10 years from now and the Seahawks have the same 15 players as their best first-round choices ever, something has gone wrong for the Seattle professional football franchise.

One or five of these players must go to the annals of Seattle football history and replaced with better players, ones that helped the Seahawks win that second or (if I can express my highest of hopes) 10th Super Bowl.

So, without further ado, here are the 15 best first-round draft picks in Seahawks history.

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