One day after signing L.J. Collier, Seahawks sign D.K. Metcalf

There aren’t any real surprises in NFL rookie contract negotiations anymore. Still, it is nice to see the Seahawks sign L.J. Collier and D.K. Metcalf.

Sam Bradford may have made a lot of money with his rookie contract but he cost other players millions. The extremely ever under-performing quarterback got paid $50 million with his rookie contract in 2010 but then teams realized how easy it was to waste money and the NFL came up with a new collective bargaining agreement that slotted rookie contracts. That the Seahawks signed L.J. Collier and D.K. Metcalf this week to as much as they did is not surprising.

Collier was the first of the two to sign and did so on Tuesday. If all goes well, Collier will be in Seattle for at least five seasons. Teams get a fifth-year option on all first round players. Collier won’t exactly be making Bradford-type money but he will make a lot more than you and I make (probably).

On Wednesday, the Seahawks announced that wide receiver D.K. Metcalf will sign his contract as well. Terms of Metcalf’s contract weren’t quickly announced but should be coming soon. Metcalf will make less than Collier and will have a contract one year shorter than Collier’s. But again, Metcalf will make a lot of money.

Of course, if both these players perform as expected, their next contracts will be much bigger. Either way, hopefully they have success as Seahawks and create a budget problem when it is time to re-sign them.

The only player left to sign his rookie contract is linebacker Cody Barton. Barton was a lower-round pick than either Collier or Metcalf and will make less money. He will definitely sign his deal. With the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, it isn’t a matter of if Barton signs but simply a matter of when.