Predicting the Seahawks running back group for 2019

The Seahawks know they will have Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny at running back in 2019. But who else will fill out the position?

The Seahawks started 2018 with six running backs on their active roster, including fullback Tre Madden. Seattle likes to use a fullback in Brian Schottenheimer’s scheme, but Seattle currently only has one fullback on the roster. Besides Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny at tailback, who else might Seattle keep for the running back group of 2019?

One player we know won’t be involved in Seattle’s rushing game is Mike Davis. Davis was a reliable number two behind Carson in 2018. He left as a free agent, though, and will not be a productive part of the Chicago Bears offense.

Who will replace Davis in Seattle and who will backup Carson and Penny? Here are my best guesses as to which running backs are on the active roster for Seattle in week one this coming year.

Chris Carson

I mean, this is kind of silly, right? Carson not only makes the team but he will be the starter. Carson gets yards when there are no yards to be had. He runs strong and with speed and simply does not like being tackled. In other words, Carson is the epitome of what Pete Carroll wants in a running back.

Rashaad Penny

Well, Mr. Penny, you need to be a lot better in 2019 than you were in 2018. You need to learn how to be play with pain. Penny didn’t seem to be able to overcome injuries and missed games last year as he had never really dealt with being hurt before. Being an NFL player means learning how to be good while being nicked up. Hopefully Penny is better in year two.

J.D. McKissic

McKissic was banged up a lot of 2018 after showing in 2017 that he can be a versatile back. He is too valuable for Seattle to give up simply because he can play out of the backfield while also lining up wide as a receiver.

Travis Homer

Seattle took Homer in the sixth round of this year’s draft and he can help the team in a few different ways. Like McKissic, he can catch the ball well. Homer, though, can also help on special teams in coverage and he can run the ball a bit. In college he averaged 6 yards-a-carry. Homer might have been a steal as late as he was picked.

C.J. Prosise

Look, I am not happy with predicting that Prosise will make the Seahawks roster. The guy cannot play hurt, or won’t play, and hasn’t been productive in a long time. But Seattle hasn’t tried to do a whole lot with the running back room this offseason and John Schneider and Pete Carroll still like what Prosise is capable of should he ever play healthy for a long stretch.

Nick Bellore

Seattle still wants a fullback and Bellore is the only one on the roster currently. Bellore is going to add nothing to the running game as far as him getting rushing yards. But he can block and help on special teams. Bellore used to be a linebacker in the NFL so he loves to hit people. In other words, he is a perfect fullback.