100 days of Seahawks: L.J. Collier could be best number 95 ever

In preparation of 100 days until the Seahawks season begins, I continue a look at the best Seattle players to wear jersey numbers. Could L.J. Colier become the best number 95 in Seattle history?

The Seahawks do not have a great history of having really successful players wear number 95 for them. Possibly the best player to do so was Dean Wells and Wells wasn’t really that great. He had two decent seasons and that is about it. By the end of his third season, L.J. Collier might already be the best Seahawk to ever wear jersey 95.

Of course, I may be getting ahead of myself. Collier hasn’t yet played a down in Seattle. But plenty of other number 95s have played in Seattle and been terrible. Collier joins the Seahawks when he is absolutely needed the most. Does Seattle need a pass rusher? Yes, and a young one. Collier will be a rookie in 2019 and has the ability to get to opposing quarterbacks frequently.

Does Seattle need someone with the versatility of Michael Bennett? Yes. Again, Collier has the utmost capability to be able to help stop the run and get sacks. In his final year in college at TCU, Collier had 6 sacks and, nearly as importantly, 11.5 tackles for loss. This means not only was he able to get into the backfield when a quarterback dropped back to pass, but he was able to get past the offensive line on running plays too.

Bennett is roughly the same size as Collier. And Bennett, as we all know, made himself into a Pro Bowl player with the Seahawks. Collier appears to have the same kind of work ethic as Bennett. There is no way that Collier fails and becomes the best number 95 in Seattle history. Either that, or his first-round pick and him wearing number 95 will be remembered as a draft bust. My feeling is this won’t be the case, however.