The idea of an 18-game season is too dumb even for NFL execs

The NFL appears to be mulling an 18-game season with a 16-game per player limit. This is so stupid there must be a reason for it.

The NFL makes a lot of money. Sometimes even in spite of itself. This is a league that is slow to address a growing issue of domestic violence but quick to decide to play games in London no one cares about. Now the league appears to be proposing an 18-game season but with a player limit of 16 games per year. This seems ridiculously dumb.

But the NFL doesn’t do anything without the thought that a lot of money can be made somewhere. Two more games for each team means a lot of more money in the pockets of NFL owners. The NFL doesn’t really care too much of fans of the sport maybe missing out on seeing some of their favorite players play when they are getting a required week or two off.

If you drive or fly from Seattle to wherever the Seahawks are playing a road game in hopes of watching Russell Wilson throw the ball, good luck! Wilson might have to take the week off and in his place will be a backup that no one wants to see. Should Seattle lose, too bad. The rules are the rules and Wilson would have to take two weeks off.

Of course, the NFL cannot simply be thinking in black-and-white terms with this. The idea of important players having to sit out two games a year is not good business sense. Something else is afoot here. Likely, the league is willing to make a deal with the players’ union to get the players to agree to an 18-game season where players don’t miss out on any time.

This proposal probably won’t pass this year. Or possibly even next. But rest assured, NFL fans, an 18-game season will happen soon. The league gets what it wants because of all the money involved.

But again, the league doesn’t care what fans think. Because the NFL takes your money and does what it pleases. And it pleases the NFL to make you pay for two more games a year no matter if you can afford it or not.