Seahawks make move, show how important their rookies are for 2019

The Seahawks made an unprecedented move in the Pete Carroll-era of bring in rookies before veterans for training camp. What does this mean?

Let it be officially known that the Seahawks know they need their rookies to be prepared to play at their highest level possible in 2019. There really is nothing else that can be taken from the team announcing that their first-year players will arrive before the veterans for training camp this month. Under Pete Carroll, this had never happened.

Rookies for Seattle reported Wednesday for training camp. Or really, pre-training camp. The players cannot participate in contact drills until July 25th. Then the real fun will begin. But the rookies will still get to learn a lot about Seattle’s scheme and playbook. The fact they are given this chance means the Seahawks will be relying on them a bunch this season.

Players such as D.K. Metcalf and L.J. Collier won’t have any kind of redshirt season. Not that there is that in the NFL anyway, but rookies are not usually pushed into major reps. Metcalf and Collier will likely be the exception.

With Doug Baldwin now retiring, Metcalf will be expected to produce more quickly than maybe he is really ready for. The expectation could be that he gets around 500 yards receiving. But around 700 or more would be a lot more preferable. There is no doubt that part of the Seahawks thinking of bringing in rookies early is that Metcalf-types will get a jump on what they need to know to be ready by week one.

The same could be said of L.J. Collier. He might even have more of a struggle to be successful in year one. Rookie defensive ends usually need to find their way on how to get around and through NFL offensive tackles. The jump from college to the pros can be huge.

Either way, leave no doubt. Seattle moved up the rookies before the veterans this season because of the importance young players will have on the success of the Seahawks in 2019. If the young guys can find their way sooner in the season, Seattle will be much better for it.