Seahawks Jarran Reed suspended for 6 games and what is next

Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed was suspended on Monday for six games for a domestic issue from 2017. What happens next?

Jarran Reed learned on Monday that he was going to be suspended for six games to start the 2019 season. The Seahawks defensive tackle was given those six games from a domestic assault issue stemming from a 2017 incident. The suspension complicates several things but mostly it comes down to two: How will Seattle overcome the temporary loss of Reed and what happens with the contract negotiations for Reed’s next contract?

First, I want to be clear. If Reed did something to merit suspension, and one has to assume he did, then he deserves to miss time. I in no way want to defend something that might not be defensible and might be abhorrent. We do not know exactly what happened in that 2017 event, though, as Reed was neither charges nor arrested for whatever happened. Police investigated the matter but appear to have not charged Reed at the time.

But relating to what happens next is important. Seattle was already in a position to be struggling to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Reed got 10.5 sacks last year. He was supposed to be a big part of what Seattle tried to do to supply pressure this season. Now he is out.

There is no one on the current roster who has come close to Reed in terms of quarterbacks pressures from the interior of the defensive line. It is safe to assume that no matter how Seattle tries to fix the issue of Reed’s absence, it will far well short of anything Seattle might have done had Reed been playing.

Seattle signed Al Woods this offseason. Woods is good against the run but not good against the pass. So far the same could be said for second-year pro Poona Ford. Ford was great against the run last year. Can he supply any inside pass rush though?

The basic fact is this, Reed’s loss is massive. Sure, he will probably be extra motivated when he returns in game seven, but until then he will be of no help. And the Seahawks might be helpless without him.

The other aspect is that this is Reed’s walk season. His suspension just cost him a whole lot of cash. Had Reed got close to 10 sacks again and he can basically name his next salary. But now he will be lucky to get 6. He will still be a valued commodity but less so now.

Because Reed is actually hurt by what we don’t know. What did happen in 2017 and how bad was it? Teams will want to know the answer to that before they offer him a contract. As callous as it is to say, the Seahawks might have just saved a little money if they are able to re-sign Reed because of his missing time.