C.J. Prosise just created chaos in the Seahawks running back room

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 20: Running back C.J. Prosise
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 20: Running back C.J. Prosise /

Just when you think Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise will not make the team, he goes and shows again his potential against the Chargers on Saturday.

I think the Seahawks should have cut C.J. Prosise last preseason. He cannot stay healthy. When he is healthy, he is capable of doing the types of things he did on Saturday night against the Chargers. Prosise is an athletic and big back who can be dangerous. But he can’t stay on the field. Yet…

Prosise is now in his fourth year with Seattle. He has never played more than six games in any season. That was in his rookie season. He then played five games in 2017 and another 5 in 2018. Prosise has carried the ball 42 times in three years. Or roughly what Chris Carson does in a game and a half.

The Seahawks should rely on other running backs to fill out their roster. But they have always held on to the belief that if Prosise could simply be healthy, he could produce at a goodly amount. And that’s the thing. He can. Seattle does not beat the Patriots in New England in 2016 without Prosise just going off. He had 153 total yards in that game and ran the ball 17 times. (That is almost half his career carries. Just saying.)

The following week versus the Eagles Prosise had a 72 yard rushing touchdown in the first quarter and he has not been the same since. He was injured on the play. Since that game, Prosise has had 12 total carries for 20 yards. To be fair, he also had 9 receptions for 109 yards. He is a versatile back when healthy and at 225 pounds he still has speed.

Against the Chargers, Prosise had 5 carries (four more than his entire 2018 season!) for 32 yards. That was 35 yards more than last year because on Prosise’s only run a season ago he lost 3 yards. He also caught one pass for 15 yards. Prosise played only 12 snaps against Los Angeles and touched the ball on half of them. Seattle wants to see what he can do.

C.J. Prosise appears to be a stand-up guy and fellow Seahawks seem to really like him. He is good in the community and in the locker room. There is no reason to pull against Prosise, other than the fact he just gets hurt all the time and Seattle cannot rely on him from one week to another.

Prosise is in a roster battle with J.D. McKissic. McKissic on Saturday had one more carry than Prosise but 12 fewer yards. McKissic did catch two more passes than Prosise, though.

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Seattle likes both. They are both versatile. But McKissic probably would clear waivers if Seattle released him and Prosise wouldn’t. Prosise is bigger and just as fast and has a lot of potential. That is why he is going to make the Seattle roster after his preformance on Saturday night.