Seahawks lose a few key players to injury in week one

The Seahawks didn’t have a lot of injuries in week one. But they lost three players to injury during the game and a couple could be long-term.

The Seahawks entered Sunday’s game without defensive end Ziggy Ansah. Ansah missed the game while still trying to recover from a couple of injuries. He was needed as it turned out and couldn’t go. But on Sunday, Seattle lost three players in the game to injuries as well.

Will Dissly

Dissly hurt his knee after getting hit on the side of it. He didn’t return to the game after leaving. It could simply be that the Seahawks are being careful with Dissly after he was injured in week four of last season. But either way, Dissly getting injured again so early in 2019 is not a calming thing. Seattle needs him to stay healthy consistently. It remains to be seen how bad Dissly’s knee injury is and coach Pete Carroll will update all of Seattle injuries at 3 pm PT on Monday.

Poona Ford

Ford is another player Seattle can ill-afford to lose. Ford left later in the game than Dissly when he hurt his calf. Carroll was sure if it was a cramp issue or something else. Ford is a player who has to use his leverage to get underneath offensive linemen. If he can push with his lower body, he loses a lot of his ability to be productive.

Neiko Thorpe

Thorpe is a heat-seeking missile on special teams. Thorpe hurt his hamstring and left early. Of course, a player who has to sprint downfield on punt coverage and can’t because of a hamstring issue is a player who can’t be on the field. Thorpe’s injury might be the longest-term on any Seattle injury from Sunday.

I guess looking at it positively, at least Russell Wilson or Chris Carson didn’t get hurt and Jadeveon Clowney stayed healthy. But after Seattle’s weak win, they will need all of their key players healthy in week two versus Pittsburgh.