NFC starting QB Power Ranks: Seahawks Russell Wilson still on top?

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About a month ago, I went through and ranked all 16 of the current starting quarterbacks in the NFC. Today, we are back to discuss how things changed in that time and if Seahawks QB Russell Wilson still remains at the top.

Before we dive in, let’s just remind you Seahawks fans about the process that went into making these ranks. It is important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I will evaluate quarterbacks differently than you might, so our ranks would probably differ.

I am trying to account for the scheme these quarterbacks play in and specifically what they are being asked to do in those schemes. Therefore, comparing stats like passing yards and raw touchdowns aren’t going to fly.

We all want to make things as easy as possible, but when it comes to ranking quarterbacks (like the one I did a month ago), there isn’t just one stat that defines every player. Obviously, I cannot ignore stats entirely and while I strive to keep my mind focused on 2019, what a player did in the past is bound to weigh on my mind, a least a little bit. But with all that in mind, let’s begin.


Jameis Winston

Last rank: 8th

I finally give up. I thought with Bruce Arians at the helm and the weapons surrounding him, Winston was beginning to show signs that he could be a playoff-caliber QB. He’s not. He makes poor decisions, takes too many risks, and hurts his team in key situations.

Seven games into the season, Winston is completing less than 60% of his passes and has already thrown 12 interceptions. He is mediocre on the field and controversy follows him everywhere. I’m done with Jameis.


Mitch Trubisky

Last rank: NR

Last time we did our NFC QB power ranks, Trubisky was injured and therefore was not eligible for the list. I ranked his backup, Chase Daniels, in this exact spot. The fact that the Bears QB situation didn’t improve when their starter came back says a lot.

He has a defense, a run game, and solid pass-catching options and hasn’t progressed at all. He looks like Tim Tebow when he throws left and the Bears should be looking for another QB hard this off-season. Trubisky just isn’t it guys.


Case Keenum

Last rank: NR

Case Keenum makes his debut on the list at 14. Last time we ranked, it was assumed that Dwayne Haskins was about to be named the starter. Nope. Keenum is a viable backup QB who can keep the train on the tracks and protect the football, but that’s about it.

The one season in Minnesota was the outlier and it’s not coming back. If you need a QB to go 3-3 in 6 game stretch without your starter, he can do that. Asking him to start 16 games is a recipe for a 5-7 win season.


Kyle Allen

Last rank: 14

Kyle Allen is fine. He may very well have a long career in the NFL as a Sam Bradford like player. You can do worse, you can do better, and if he is your QB with the right roster around him, he can keep you afloat.

But other than that, I don’t see any reason to have him higher on the list, at least for now. This is his first extended run in the NFL, so he is still learning and he has had some awesome moments in his young career. But until I see him more, there isn’t much helium in his game.

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