Grading each Seahawks rookie through the 2019 bye week

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Several Seahawks rookies are beginning to play well for Seattle. But some others are disappointments. Here are their grades through the first 10 weeks.

The Seahawks are 8-2 and in second place in the NFC West. They are, for now, one game behind the division leading San Francisco 49ers. But Seattle has a win over the 49ers already so if they stay close to the 49ers and defeat them again, Seattle could win the division.

Of course, Seattle would not be nearly as successful if their quarterback, Russell Wilson, were not playing out of his mind. He has always been good, obviously, but this year has taken his game to…I won’t say another level. That would be too cliche. Let’s just say Wilson has extended his greatness to unbelievable-ness. He is Mr. Unlimited, but I won’t go into that strangeness.

At the same time, the Seahawks would not have the record they have without some young players becoming extremely productive. Some of the higher picks haven’t done much but some lower round picks have done pretty well. Isn’t this really the Seattle way anyway?

I will get to the grades in just a minute, but I should say after a few off-drafts that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have had a couple of good ones in a row. Their first-round pick notwithstanding. Seattle chose Rashaad Penny in the first round of 2018 and L.J. Collier in the first in 2019. Seattle usually trades out of the first round but haven’t the last two seasons. Maybe they should have, though, because both those players are not doing so well.

But who is doing well – and not so well – for the Seahawks as rookies in 2019? Here are the grades.

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