Seahawks: Three bold predictions versus Packers in divisional round

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 10: Shaquill Griffin (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 10: Shaquill Griffin (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The Seahawks travel to Green Bay to play the Packers Sunday in the divisional round of the playoffs. Here are three things that will happen.

The Seahawks went 11-5 in the regular season and finished second in the NFC West. For a short time, they were the number-one seed in the NFC but then lost three of their last four regular season games. The Packers were 13-3 and won their division and because they ended up the number-two seed in the NFC, they get to host Seattle on Sunday.

It has been a bit of an odd season for both teams, even though they were both successful enough to get to the playoffs. The Packers, with future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers leading them, finished 18th in total offense. Seattle, led by Russell Wilson, was 8th.  Green Bay was 15th in points per game with 23.5. Seattle was 9th at 25.3.

Of course, one big reason Seattle’s offense was good was because of running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny. Neither of those guys will play another game for the Seahawks this season. Green Bay still has stellar Aaron Jones and is the healthier team overall. This game could simply come down to which team has fewer injured players and that would be the Packers.

Another big difference between the teams is how many points they allow. Even though Green Bay is just 18th in total defense (yards allowed), they are 9th in points allowed (19.6). Seattle is 22nd at 24.9.

But what is going to actually happen in the game? Here are three (most likely wrong) bold predictions.