Super Bowl LIV: Our staff is split on who wins between Chiefs and 49ers

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When the 49ers and Chiefs play Sunday in Super Bowl LIV, the game could go lots of different ways. And our staff has no consensus on who wins.

No, there will be no Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl, but Seattle is still a good team and maybe could get to the big game next season. 12s will have to watch the San Francisco 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs. Who will win? Our staff isn’t sure.

Colby Patnode, contributor and host of the 12th Man Rising podcast

I might be the only Seahawks fan who is willing to make this statement, but here it goes: I don’t care if the 49ers win. I really don’t. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll be rooting for Kansas City, but if the 49ers win, I’ll just say “what’s next?”.

All that being said, I have serious questions about how SF plans to stay with the fastest offense in the league. And let’s not kid ourselves, Jimmy GQ isn’t winning a shootout against Patrick Mahomes.

The answer SF will likely give is that they will get to Mahomes via the pass rush, thus limiting their secondaries exposure to the absolute burners in the KC offense.

This is a clash of styles. San Francisco is power. Kansas City is speed. San Fran is a heavyweight who wants to get you into the middle of the ring and trade haymakers. KC wants to bob and weave, exhaust their opponents and test their conditioning.

I think this will be an epic matchup. And one in interested to watch. Hopefully, we will get to see the Super Bowl loss hangover hit the 49ers as hard as it did the Rams.

Prediction: I’m going to take KC to win this game 26-21 in an instant classic

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