Four Seahawks that could be roster cuts before 2020

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The Seahawks have $60 million to spend in free agency this offseason. But Seattle might need to trim the roster to make more room for an edge rusher or two.

The Seahawks have been a good team for most of a decade but staying a contender means making smart moves. This does not only mean drafting well and getting productive free agents that don’t blow the payroll, but it also means letting some players leave via roster cuts because they make too much or are not overly productive or both. This offseason, Seattle will need to clean up the roster some to improve the 2020 version.

Seattle has not been overly fortunate with free agent signings in the last few years. Though the Seahawks have the cash to spend this year, they need to spend it wisely. They also probably need to create more room to get not one edge rusher, but likely two. This includes re-signing Jadeveon Clowney and bringing in someone else.

Seattle, of course, would not want to cut a player just because of money. They need make sure that they have a quality player ready to take the place of the one they lose on the roster. For instance, the Seahawks are not going to cut K.J. Wright even though he makes quite a bit of cash because there is simply no one available with his skill level.

Roster trimming is never fun or easy, but every team has to do it. So who might Seattle choose to let go to make room for others? Here are four possibilities.

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