Seahawks really need to let these five free agents walk

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - JANUARY 05: Josh McCown #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball against Jarran Reed #91 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - JANUARY 05: Josh McCown #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball against Jarran Reed #91 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks have tough choices to make among their free agents this offseason. Here are five players the Hawks should definitely not bring back in 2020.

The Seahawks have about ten thousand free agents this offseason. Okay, so the number is actually 32. Ten thousand was only a slight exaggeration, especially when you consider that 22 of those are unrestricted free agents. Thanks to, you can see the list of all 32 right here. The 22 that are free to sign with any team are listed here. Of those 22, the Hawks are definitely going to make some a top priority. Jadeveon Clowney is obviously a player that Seattle will want back, and we have a great look at what it might take to keep him. Right now, I’m going to take a look at the five players the Seahawks should be happy to see walk out the door.

I can’t keep you in suspense with this choice because everyone expects it. My first choice for a fond farewell package has to be Germain Ifedi. I know, I know, I’ve written enough critical pieces on Ifedi, it must seem like he owes me $10 from high school. By all accounts, he is an excellent human being. What he is not is an excellent NFL tackle. I’m happy to say that he’s turned into a not-terrible player. Pro Football Focus ranked him 64th out of 81 rated players at tackle last year. That was the best performance of his career. That isn’t exactly great.

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The reason I say the Seahawks absolutely have to let him walk is less about his ability than his price tag. We’ve discussed this in-depth previously, but Ifedi is expected to command a salary of at least $12 million per year. Crazy, I know. That’s what happens when there are very few free agents at your position who were at least capable of holding down a starting gig. If by some miracle the market isn’t there, and the Hawks could bring him back for something around $7 mil…after all, he has improved every year.  Not that he’ll ever sign for that little.

My next big target – and I mean big in every sense of the word – is Jarran Reed. He’s expected to be offered at least $10 million per year according to Sam Gold of The Athletic:

Reed took offense, as he made clear in his reply, stating “Yikes that’s disrespectfully low.” Gold replied in kind. Reed’s response tells me volumes about the guy:

Gotta love how extremely respectful Reed was in his reply to Gold. Which still doesn’t mean he’s worth more than $10 million. Yes, he created terrific interior pressure on the quarterback in 2018. Projecting his 202 season, before the suspension, I cautioned 12s it was a mistake to expect another double-digit sack total. As I mentioned then, prior to his breakout season he had three sacks in 21 starts. 2019 is the year that really matters. In 10 games, Reed managed just two sacks, eight quarterback hits, and zero tackles for a loss. Prorated to a full season, that’s three sacks, 13 QB hits, and still not one tackle for a loss. A reminder: not even Cortez Kennedy ever had more than one double-digit sack season. I’d love to have Reed back, but if he’s thinking over $12 million per year, there’s just no way he’s worth that.

Just an aside, but I am not going to suggest the Seahawks part ways with C.J. Prosise. I’ve made that call every season since birth, it seems, and he keeps coming back. Last year, he was finally able to make some solid contributions. With the terrible luck he’s had with injuries, 33 touches is solid. There’s not much reason to resign him, except that the Hawks love the guy, and he does give his best every time out. So I fully expect to see him re-signed.

Back to the guys who will find new homes. This will be a quick run through. I can’t imagine defensive end Ezekiel Ansah will be back at any price. He’s just 30, but has the body of a 90-year old. A 90-year-old with a long history of injuries, that is. I don’t wish to offend any longevity-blessed readers. Ziggy just can’t get healthy, or stay healthy. I really wish he could.

I think it’s time for the Hawks to part with Jaron Brown as well. His catch rate (57 percent) was the worst of anyone on the team not named Moore. He lacks the explosion of Moore, and his role as a red-zone target has definitely been superseded by DK Metcalf and the tight end roster. Malik Turner did a fine job as well, so Brown look to be the odd man out.

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My last call is all in the player’s hands. George Fant has made it known that he wants to start at left tackle. That would be a problem, as the Seahawks already have a pretty good player there in Duane Brown.  I would love to see big George installed at right tackle in place of Ifedi. I believe the Hawks would like that as well. But if the man’s dream is to play on the blind side, he’ll have to move on. I so badly want to see him stay, catch a pass and not stumble until he’s trucked the entire back seven of a defense. Hopefully the Niners.