Seahawks should re-sign Bruce Irvin tomorrow if not today

The Seahawks need pass rush help and a lot of it. Bringing Bruce Irvin back might give Seattle needed depth at a position of need.

The Seahawks need to try to find the money to re-sign Jadeveon Clowney. But even if they do, they need to find Clowney some help when it comes to pressuring opposing quarterbacks. And if Seattle cannot sign Clowney, then they still need pass rushing depth. Seattle should think and then think again about bringing back former Seahawk Bruce Irvin.

Maybe Irvin is getting long in the tooth for an edge rusher. He will be 33 during the 2020 season. But compared to what the Seahawks had in 2019, Irvin is a football god. He’s not, of course, and he wouldn’t – or, at least, shouldn’t be – relied upon to get the most sacks on the team.

But if he got 6 or 7 sacks, that would mean someone on the Seahawks got more than him if he wasn’t the team leader and that would mean there would be an amazing increase in pressure on opposing quarterbacks for the Seahawks in 2020 over 2019. And that could mean that Seattle was better defensively. And then that might mean the Seahawks get to the Super Bowl.

Goodness, if you read that incorrectly, I just equated Seattle signing Irvin to making the Super Bowl. I didn’t mean that, but I might go so far as saying adding Irvin to Seattle’s roster might be a great cog in getting Seattle back to the promised land. Why?

Well, Irvin knows what Pete Carroll wants from his defenses. Irvin also has no fewer 5.5 sacks than 2015 and has more than 6.5 sacks in five of those six years. Irvin may not be great at lots of things, but he is good at getting to quarterbacks and that is exactly what Seattle needs.

Bruce Irvin has bounced around since he left the Seahawks in 2015. Since then he spent some time with the Raiders, a bit of time with the Falcons and a year with the Panthers. He made a lot of money initially with the Raiders but not an astronomical amount since then.

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Seattle can afford him and the Seahawks should get Irvin back, along with a few other pass rushers, to help Seattle get home both against opposing quarterbacks and towards the Super Bowl.


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