Seahawks draft profile: Defensive tackle Neville Gallimore packs a punch

The Seahawks will be looking for defensive line help in the 2020 NFL draft. One player that would fit is defensive tackle Neville Gallimore.

Gather ’round 12s and let me tell you about this guy named Neville Gallimore. The Seahawks need big fellas. Gallimore, a defensive tackle out of the University of Oklahoma, is a big guy. He was well-coached in college and should be ready for the NFL. In other words, he is a player Seattle needs.

The 6’2″ and 305 pound Gallimore isn’t too slow either. He ran a 4.79. Gallimore is a high motor player who doesn’t take plays off. Just the way the Seahawks like them. He isn’t, though, the kind of player who is going to step in week one and make an immediate, long-lasting, impact. He will need time to mature, not emotionally but physically into NFL life.

Gallimore grew up and played in Canada until his college years. Canada is a fine country but not exactly the kind of place that gets perfect grooming for professional football players. The talent pool is small and the depth of quality coaching even smaller. But at Oklahoma, Gallimore got better coaching so is as close to helping the Seahawks as he could be, probably by year two.

And that’s the thing. When an NFL drafts a player, sure they are hoping that player will help them right away. But they are also hoping that long-term that player is going to be really good, possibly sign a second-contract with them and make Pro Bowls. Gallimore could do this.

The Seahawks, of course, are going to be looking for defensive line help in 2020 and beyond. Seattle currently has Jadeveon Clowney, Jarran Reed and Quinton Jefferson as free agents. If Seattle were to re-sign Reed, he could definitely help grow Gallimore as a defensive tackle.

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But the key thing about Gallimore is he loves to attack and with proper coaching will be an aggressor on the interior of the defensive line. Just what the Seahawks need and what Seattle likes. With a rotation of Gallimore, Reed and Poona Ford and one other on the inside of the defensive line, Seattle would be in good shape.

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