Seahawks 2020 offseason plan: Taking control of the roster

Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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In this Seahawks offseason project, I take complete control over the roster—that includes cuts, trade options, free agent signings, and the draft.

As we head into the NFL free agency period, here at 12th man Rising we are partaking in a fun offseason project where we each get to act as the general manager of the Seattle Seahawks. In our own individual projects, we get complete control over the roster—that includes cuts, trades, and free-agent signings.

The Seahawks have just over $44 million in cap space for the 2020 season after signing veteran tight end Greg Olsen. That may be enough cap to make a few moves, but not near enough to successfully fulfill all of their glaring needs.

This off-season, the Seahawks need to focus on upgrading at several positions. The offensive line and edge rusher are the two most important while they also need to build on wide receiver, safety, and corner.

For this project, I used the Over The Cap calculator as well as Spotrac’s market value tool.

As for trying to properly structure contracts, I did my best estimation based on what I felt was right. Most of the time, I followed Spotrac’s market value tool or looked at other contracts for comparison if market value was available. I’m sure that John Schneider and Pete Carroll could structure these contracts way better than I to get more value and more room for other signings but it was fun to try. I focused more on the bigger signings rather than filling in small one-year deals.

I structured this project in phases, splitting up the transactions by cuts, defensive signings, offensive signings, and the draft.

Let’s get started.