Predicting the Seattle Seahawks next three moves

Though it seems like the Seahawks have not done much in free agency so far in 2020, they have. But here are the next three moves they will make.

The Seahawks have made some moves in free agency in 2020, but they just aren’t overly exciting. Seattle has remade its offensive line to a great degree. Seattle re-signed Bruce Irvin to help with the pass rush. But Seattle still needs to make real moves to make the 2020 roster better.

What will be the next three moves they make? I look into my very cloudy globe and take a guess. (Most likely very wrong, so do not judge me for this.)

Move one: Sign Everson Griffen to a two-year deal

The first move the Seahawks will make is to sign 32 year-old Everson Griffen. Defensive end Griffen has spent his entire 10-year career with the Vikings, but he isn’t going back to Minnesota. He announced this earlier on Friday on Instagram. In those 10 years, Griffen has 74.5 sacks.

Griffen has stayed relatively healthy in his career and missed 8 games since 2010, with 5 of those coming in 2018 alone. He still has the ability to chase down quarterback as he got 8 in 2019 to go along with 24 quarterback hits. The Seahawks need pass rushers and Griffen helps fill that need.

Move two: Seahawks release Justin Britt

Justin Britt is not a bad player but he eats up a lot of cap space. And Seattle has Joey Hunt back in 2020 and Hunt started the last half of 2019 and wasn’t terrible. Seattle also signed B.J. Finney this week and he can play center as well. Britt’s cap hit of $11.4 million in 2020 makes him too expensive to keep and Seattle needs that money to spend elsewhere.

Move three: Seahawks re-sign Jadeveon Clowney to a one-year deal

With some of the money saved by releasing Britt, the Seahawks sign Jadeveon Clowney to a one-year $19 million deal. Clowney will use the deal to prove he is worth a bigger contract after 2020 after thinking he would make more in 2020.

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Seattle needed to fix their pass rush and make their offensive line better for next year. The offensive line might not be better really, but releasing Britt doesn’t change that much. Signing Griffen and Clowney, though, makes the pass rush dangerous again.

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