Three best Seattle Seahawks games of all time

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Doug Baldwin
SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Doug Baldwin /
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(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images) /

2010 season Wild Card game which happened on January 8th, 2011

The 2010 season was Pete Carroll’s first season as head coach for the Seahawks. That is crazy to think about now. 10 years later, Seattle has been to the playoffs 8 times and been to two Super Bowls. But following a first-year 7-9 record when Seattle snuck into the playoffs, nothing was assured as far as a successful future.

In the Wild Card game, the Saints entered the game with an 11-5 record but were also the Super Bowl champions the previous season. New Orleans had beaten the Seahawks 34-19 in week 11. There appeared to be little chance that Seattle could beat the Saints even though the game was at CenturyLink. New Orleans had more recent success and more talent.

But they didn’t have more heart. Nor did they have Marshawn Lynch. But Matt Hasselbeck was pretty good too.

The Seahawks trailed 10-0 in the first quarter and the game seemed hopeless. But by halftime, Seattle would lead 24-20. This game won’t be remembered for the halftime score, though. What sets this game apart from nearly every other Seahawk game ever was what happened with 3:38 left in the game.

The Seahawks led 34-20 but the Saints had come back and made it 34-30 and appeared to have the momentum. Seattle handed the ball off to Lynch with 4:20 left and he got stuffed. But on second down, the following happened:

See, I am not a good enough writer to explain exactly what happened because what happened words can’t really explain. There is one word for is BeastQuake. It was one of the best runs in NFL history. Lynch broke 828 tackles. He scored and the Seahawks ended up winning 41-36. This was a sign of things to come.