Seahawks mock draft 6.0: Post-Quinton Dunbar trade

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The Seahawks still haven’t signed Jadeveon Clowney and still are in need of edge rushers. Seattle did trade for a cornerback on Monday changing their draft.

So 12s, you happy with what the Seahawks have done so far in the free agency period of 2020? No. I didn’t think so. A week in on the free agency period, the Seahawks have reshaped their offensive line and signed one complimentary pass rusher. As per usual, Seattle has not made any earth-shaking signings in the early free agency period.

But the Seahawks did make a potentially huge move on Monday by trading for cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Dunbar was the second-highest graded cornerback in 2019, according to Pro Football Focus. Will Dunbar replace Tre Flowers at cornerback? That is not yet known.

One free agent still available, though, is Jadeveon Clowney, who many 12s hoped would be back with Seattle already. Everson Griffen is available too. Both players can get to opposing quarterbacks and this is exactly what Seattle needs in 2020 and beyond. Yet, the Seahawks so far have not greatly addressed this concern. Signing Bruce Irvin doesn’t solve the issue alone.

The answers to finding a pass rush in 2020 and beyond could lie in the 2020 NFL draft. At least, those answers better be. The Seahawks could be sunk in postseason hopes next year should they not find multiple players who are capable of scaring offensive lines as they attempt to protect their quarterbacks. Free agency is one thing, but it is obvious John Schneider and Pete Carroll must be thinking of getting an edge rusher in the draft.

But what other positions of need do the Seahawks need to find players for in April’s (?) draft? Receiver? Running back? Backup quarterback? Nearly everything? Well, without further ado, here is our latest Seahawks mock draft for 2020. (And for the record, I did this mock-up with the help of Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator.)

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