Grading the Seahawks signing of slot receiver Phillip Dorsett

The Seahawks needed a good third option at receiver and a good slot guy. In signing Phillip Dorsett on Tuesday, Seattle may have gotten both.

Phillip Dorsett was a first-round pick in 2015. Since then, he hasn’t done a whole lot. But he has played with two good quarterbacks. Now he can make that three as the Seahawks signed Dorsett to a one-year deal on Tuesday. Seattle needed a good option at wideout besides Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf but also needed a slot receiver. Dorsett can do both and now Russell Wilson has a new target.

Dorsett fits really well in Seattle. He looks a lot like Doug Baldwin, has Baldwin’s quickness but may even be a bit faster than Baldwin. But don’t get me wrong, no one can catch the way Baldwin could. Dorsett may have experience and might be a solid receiver, but he is not going to be Baldwin.

The Seahawks thankfully do not need him to be, though. Wilson’s main targets are going to be Lockett and Metcalf and then probably a tight end. Dorsett’s season-high for catches in his career is 33. That was in 2016. Last year with the Patriots he had 29 receptions but a career-high 5 touchdown catches.

My expectation for Dorsett with the Seahawks in 2020 is that he has around 30 receptions for about 450 yards and 3 touchdowns. And these would be solid numbers. Basically, Dorsett needs to get some quick hits, pick up a few first downs and leave most of the heavy lifting to Lockett and Metcalf.

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The Seahawks signing Dorsett is a good move and makes the receiving corps better and more experienced. He won’t make Seattle a Super Bowl contender. But the Seahawks it is more about getting the pieces to fit a successful puzzle. Seattle already has a franchise quarterback and two studs at receiver. Dorsett will simply help them be better.

Now Seattle just needs to find a few pass rushers. Please.

Grade: B

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