Seahawks 2020 schedule: Seattle’s must-watch games

With the Seahawks 2020 schedule announced last week, we now know which Seattle games are must-watch television this season.

The Seahawks always have some must-watch games, of course. Seattle is a good team and almost always makes the playoffs. Their games are important to the NFL, not just 12s. While Seattle is involved in four primetime games in 2020, not all four of these guys are must-watch events if you aren’t a Seahawks fan.

For instance, the Cardinals and Patriots in 2020 might not be very good. Weird to say that about New England, but it is true. But which games are, in fact, must-watch? These four.

Week 5 – Vikings at Seahawks on Sunday Night Football

Minnesota is going to be one of those teams that Seattle might be fighting for a playoff spot. If the Seahawks do not win the NFC West, they will be battling for a Wild Card spot. Minnesota might be fighting with the Packers for the same thing. Head to head records are an important thing late in the year and Seattle will need to win this game.

Week 8 – 49ers at Seahawks at 1:25 pm PT

I am not going to list the week 17 matchup between Seattle and the 49ers here because if Seattle (and San Francisco, for that matter) are not close to clinching a playoff berth by week 16, something somewhere has gone very wrong during the season. But week 8 might be pivotal. Seattle might need a win more than San Francisco at this point as Seattle usually gets better as the season goes on under Pete Carroll. There’s a chance the 49ers could be two games up on Seattle in the standings, but a win and Seattle is one game close. Or, you know, just like in 2019.

Week 12 – Seahawks at Eagles on Monday Night Football

This game could be a lot like the Vikings matchup, but more important. After this game, there will just be five games left for each of these teams. Little time for mistakes if both are struggling for playoff spots. Let’s assume oft-injured Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is out and Jalen Hurts is in. A meteor would have to land for Russell Wilson to not be playing (but hey, this is 2020 and anything, sadly, is possible). This means the Seahawks should have the upper hand and get the win.

Week 16 – Rams at Seahawks at 1:05 pm PT
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Maybe the Seahawks have an OK time with the Rams late in the year at home, but I am still emotionally trying to get over the complete beat down the Rams administered to Seattle in 2017. It is time for payback late in the year. If Seattle wants to be young and improving and the Rams want to remain dormant with the talent they have, this is the time the young Seahawks dish out some pain.

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