Seattle Seahawks: Dream trade targets to fix the pass rush

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Joey Bosa, DE, Los Angeles Chargers

Let’s just remember: these are dream scenarios. The odds of Joey Bosa ever ending up with the Seattle Seahawks are slim to none.

Still, with the current situation being what it is, it doesn’t hurt to imagine a brighter future for the Seattle defense that includes one of the best edge defenders in the NFL being a part of the puzzle. So let’s ponder this one for a bit.

Here’s the scenario: Bosa is a free agent in 2021. When it comes to hashing out contracts and whatnot, the Chargers don’t exactly have a friendly relationship with their wrecking ball of a defensive end. What happens if the relationship only deteriorates further this upcoming season? Could we see it escalate to the point of being irreconcilable?

It’s possible. Crazier things have happened in the NFL.

If things were to play out that way, I could see Bosa becoming available via trade. At this moment, the Seahawks should have enough cap space to pick up the $14.36 million he’s set to earn in 2020 once the roster is trimmed down for the regular season (especially if they unloaded a player or two as part of the deal). They can figure out what the future holds for Bosa when the future arrives.

It would be a bold move and one that would come at quite the cost considering Bosa’s elite pass-rushing skills. However, as we saw last year, John Schneider isn’t opposed to swinging big trades if it means acquiring top talent — it’s the signing them to long-term deals that’s the problem.