Seattle Seahawks: Stealing one player from every NFC West foe

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In a world where we’re all dreaming about better tomorrows, taking a hypothetical look at players the Seattle Seahawks should steal seemed logical.

It’s the offseason, coronavirus is ruining our lives, and the Seattle Seahawks aren’t doing anything capable of keeping us entertained (for obvious reasons). In hopes of handling the latter myself, I decided to put together a series imagining a world in which stealing players was an option.

In these hypothetical scenarios, I’ll be examining the top options to poach from opponents within a particular division. To get things started, it only made sense to focus on the Seahawks’ most familiar foes — those in the delightful NFC West.

There was plenty of talent to ponder during this process. Despite their lackluster showings in 2019, both the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams have at least a few drool-inducing players on their rosters. As for the San Francisco 49ers, we all know how stacked that club is. After all, they did make it all the way to the Super Bowl (and lost, thankfully) this past season.

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For a bit of context, I primarily focused on fixing the Seahawks’ current problems while assuming all three players I picked would be simultaneously added to the mix. The financial ramifications of stealing these players also wasn’t a concern. Football may be a team sport, but I can assure you adding these three stars would make Seattle a Super Bowl favorite in 2020.

Anyway… let’s cut to the chase. Here are the players I believe the Seahawks would steal from their NFC West rivals if given the opportunity.