Seahawks: Three worst case scenarios for Seattle in 2020

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The Seahawks are a potential Super Bowl team in 2020. But they could also face a bad season if three things go very wrong.

I know it is Father’s Day 2020 and in this messed up world any reasons for happiness are good reasons. But this is 2020 so let me bring you back to reality. Anything that could go wrong this year probably has and this could be the same for the Seahawks this coming season.

Living with a bit of pessimism is the Pacific Northwest and 12s way of life, right? Overall, our tribe is an even-keeled people, but we are touched with just a little bit of doubt in everything. Rooting for the Seahawks is both happy and maddening.

For instance, why must the Seahawks keep us glued to the edge of our seats when they are 1) much better on paper than the other team or 2) have no business being in the game against a team? Seattle has a chance to win every game. They also have a chance to lose every one of them.

In 2020, Seattle has a good team. Again, on paper. But they also play in probably the best division in the NFL. There is a very thin line between a win or loss. Seattle could go 12-4 or they could win up being 8-8.

The difference between being 8-8 and even worse could come down to the following three worst-case scenarios that are very real possibilities for the Seahawks this year.

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