Several very real reasons why Seahawks should stay away from Antonio Brown

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If the Seahawks want to sign a talented, yet troubled receiver, it should be Josh Gordon, not Antonio Brown.

The Seahawks have reportedly been linked to Antonio Brown in the last few days. Russell Wilson has been pushing to bring stars to the team. Brown would undoubtedly be a star, however, the Seahawks would be better off with re-signing Josh Gordon, if his suspension is lifted.

Antonio Brown is incredibly talented. He has been a top 3 wideout for years and one of the best pure route runners in the NFL over the 2010’s. However, recently he has had a slew of both on the field and off the field drama run his way.

Let’s start off with the on the field portion. He became an egotistical cancer in the Steelers locker room. So much so, that they traded him to the Raiders for mere pennies on the dollar. At the time it felt like the Raiders got a steal of a trade. They agreed enough that they then signed him to an extension.

Over that summer, he became a locker room cancer and a media spectacle for the rebuilding team. In fact, he and the GM got into a heated argument and Brown reportedly had to be held back to avoid blows from taking place. Over the next couple weeks, he became so much of a nuisance that the Raiders released him. They did this before he ever played a regular snap under his new contract.

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