Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner is still the best per CBS Sports

Has Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner slowed down? According to CBS Sports, nope.

Bobby Wagner is going to be in the NFL Hall of Fame one day. I still laugh at the time that Bleacher Report gave their grade of the Seahawks 2012 draft as an F. Russell Wilson? He didn’t fit Seattle’s system. But Wagner? He didn’t even get a mention in the write-up. No offense to BR. They are great. But they have never been more wrong about a draft class grade.

The Seahawks draft class in 2012 likely includes two Hall of Famers, Wagner and Wilson. But Wagner gets his due nearly every year now. He is well-respected and is in the argument of the best linebacker in the NFL and has been for almost a decade. According to CBS Sports, entering 2020 he is the best linebacker in the league.

I like how CBS Sports puts it as Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, always second best to me and likely to most 12s as the best linebacker in the NFL, retired:

Luke Kuechly’s retirement means Bobby Wagner is now the undisputed best linebacker in the league. Before Kuechly retired, Wagner was either 1A or 1B. Now, he’s No. 1 — and by a wide margin.

Another good thing that CBS Sports does in their rankings is rid themselves of “linebackers” who are simply pass-rushers. Linebackers should be able to do anything. In fact, in most defenses, they need to. Sure, Von Miller is great at getting to the opposing quarterback but he’s a one-note pony, or Bronco. Wagner, if asked to, can take down your favorite team’s quarterback. Or tackle your favorite team’s running back for a loss. Or cover a tight end.

Seahawks without Bobby Wagner

Wagner is better than Von Miller but most NFL fans won’t appreciate that. Chicks dig the long ball. Guys dig sacks. The truth is that a player doing singularly either is not a great player. Miller gets sacks. But holding his own run against the run? Not so much. Wagner will kick the butt of your quarterback or running receiver or tight end.

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Bobby Wagner, Seahawks linebacker, is a future Hall of Famer. He is the best linebacker in the NFL. He is still the best defensive player that Seattle has. And thank goodness he is with Seattle because without him the defense would be only slightly better than the offense would be without Russell Wilson.





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