Seahawks moving forward with Quinton Dunbar in murky situation

Amid an ever-changing legal situation for Quinton Dunbar, the Seahawks are moving forward towards the 2020 season with him like nothing’s happened.

At this point who really knows what happened in an offseason incident involving Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker in Florida. The Seahawks cornerback acquisition either had a gun on his position during a robbery or no robbery even took place. Quinton Dunbar knows what happened, the rest is just guesses.

If the 2020 season were to start tomorrow, Dunbar would be playing for the Seahawks. Likely he would be starting opposite Shaquill Griffin. In theory, Seattle brought in Dunbar to battle Tre Flowers for a starting spot, but Dunbar is the better player at this point and should be the starter.

The alleged incident with Dunbar in Florida took place on May 13th. Arrest warrants for armed robbery followed days after for Dunbar and Baker. Nearly immediately there was confusion in what actually occurred. Some people blamed Baker for pulling a gun and stealing $70,000 in jewelry and that Dunbar had a gun on his person and was involved as well.

But several witnesses have since said that what was alleged to happen didn’t actually happen and that Dunbar was completely innocent. This makes it seem like if this incident even goes to court it will be some time. And based on the latest information and witnesses waffling, the issue may never go to trial.

Dunbar playing for the Seahawks

This likely means Dunbar will be on the field for the Seahawks whenever the 2020 season starts. According to coach Pete Carroll, Dunbar has been participating in recent offseason meetings but was afraid to discuss Dunbar’s legal future too much.

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That Carroll is holding off on saying too much makes complete sense. The whole situation involving Dunbar is confusing and without clarity. Dunbar will make the Seahawks defense better, but will he be able to play the entire season is one of the bigger question marks as far as football goes.

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