Seahawks no longer top Jadeveon Clowney’s desired destinations

Tony Pauline revealed Jadeveon Clowney’s top two teams to sign with this year. The Seahawks were not one of them.

Tony Pauline is a well-respected analyst and insider in the NFL. He joined the Draft Insiders recently and gave some insight on the Jadeveon Clowney situation. From the sounds of it, his top two choices do not include the Seattle Seahawks. Per Tony Pauline, Clowney’s top choices consist of the Cowboys and the Saints.

It’s unclear if either of those teams can afford to bring in Clowney given their current cap situations. Both teams have under $10 million in cap space, which could cause some trouble. The Saints are notoriously known for being cap gurus, so if they wanted to make the deal work, they likely could.

Pauline also reported that Clowney would rather sign a decent one year offer with a true contender, than a rich multi-year deal with a middle of the road team. This would explain why Clowney reportedly turned down the Browns recent contract offers. They have yet to break out of being a below-average to the middle of the road team.

It makes you wonder if Seattle has already moved. The team has said the door is still open. However, there have also been reports that Clowney would have to accept a deal substantially lower than their last offer. The last offer was reported to be around $15 million per year. Perhaps what they are willing to pay today is far too low for Clowney’s taste.

It’s also possible that the Seahawks are just not bidding against themselves. If there are no other true offers sitting on the table, they don’t want to increase the base by simply throwing money at him. It’s possible they are just waiting for a serious offer to come in, in hopes of matching it and re-signing the player at a low cost.

The Seahawks have just north of $13 million in cap space. If they wanted to bring him in, they could. If it is a one year deal that would eat a large chunk of that. They would likely have to make some maneuvers to make a deal work.

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At this point, I don’t believe any movement will occur until teams can bring in players and give them a workout. The Seahawks definitely still have a chance to re-sign Jadeveon Clowney. However, it is interesting that Pauline doesn’t believe Seattle is one of the top choices for the star edge rusher anymore.

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