Predicting the Seahawks news for the next two weeks

The Seahawks are inching closer to the opening of training camp on July 28th. But what will make the news for Seattle football in the next two weeks?

The NFL season is slowly approaching and there is still some doubt that week one will happen in early September due to COVID-19 still wreaking havoc with life as we know it. But let us assume Seahawks training camp will begin on July 28th. Lots of things could make Seattle football news in the next fortnight. Here are three items that I predict will occur.

Jadeveon Clowney will sign a one year deal with the Seahawks

Jadeveon Clowney really deserves better. He probably has been too open about how much money he wanted to sign with a team this offseason. Many teams might have heard his number – $18 million a season or more – and moved on to other options. Recently, the Browns seem to have dropped out of the race to sign the edge rusher too.

The Raiders appear to have offered Clowney a deal as well, but the money offered seems far too low for Clowney to jump at the chance to play in Las Vegas. This opens the Seahawks to re-sign Clowney but at a lot less money than had they signed him in March or April.

Seattle will re-sign Clowney to a one-year and $14 million deal.

Several Seahawks will decide not to attend training camp

Due to COVID-19, several Seattle players will decide to opt-out of training camp. This will have nothing to do with their current contracts but simply how players view their own safety. The players know that the NFL doesn’t really care about their personal well-being, what with the NFL’s announcement that games will go on but then strangely players, due to their “health,” will not be allowed to exchange jerseys and have to stay six feet away from each other post-game.

Players will take it upon themselves to choose not to play. By week one of the 2020 season, whenever that actually happens, all the players will return, however. Quandre Diggs might be one of the players who doesn’t attend training camp.

The Seahawks will not trade for Jamal Adams or Chris Jones

This is a prediction of items that will not make Seahawks news. Seattle will not bring in Jets safety Jamal Adams or Cheifs defensive lineman Chris Jones. Except for bringing back Clowney, the players on Seattle’s current roster are who they will have on the team this year, roster cuts not-withstanding.

Adams and Jones, in fact, will both play for the teams that currently pay them. Both will leave after the 2021 season. Adams will be traded and Jones will sign elsewhere in free agency. Neither player will ever be Seahawks.