3 low-key Seahawks who could make a big impact in 2020

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The Seahawks had yet again another quiet free agency. They chose to give their internal players and some low key acquisitions a chance to step into their own, as opposed to handing the bag over for an established player on the open market.

The Seahawks have had yet another quiet free agency. They spent a lot of their cap space on retaining their restricted free agents and signing low to mid-grade players. Their hope is that these players will be able to step into their own, on low-cost deals.

It really belongs to the central philosophy of the Seahawks. Everything about the team belongs to competition. No player is truly safe if another player comes in and shows they have what it takes to be the starter.

Fortunately, this is how the team has found gems like Doug Baldwin as an UDFA. A 5th round cornerback named Richard Sherman who became the starter in his rookie year. Poona Ford beat out multiple more established players to make the roster in 2018.

You could even argue this is true for Russell Wilson. The Seahawks made a splashy acquisition in free agency by signing ex-Packers quarterback Matt Flynn to a 3-year, $26 million contract. However, they selected Russell Wilson in the third round of the draft.

Instead of trying to defend the contract given to Flynn and forcing him to start. They handed the starting spot over to the player they deemed to possess more talent and give the team a better chance to win.

A lot of the roster is seemingly set, however, there are a few players I think will surprise many fans and analysts this year.

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