3 missed opportunities for the Seahawks this offseason

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The Seahawks have had a bewildering off-season. There were definitely moves that could have been made, that should have been made, that were not made.

The Seahawks have had an up and down off-season. However, considering the Superbowl window the team is currently in, it felt like it was mostly down.

The team failed to patch up its biggest holes in free agency. The Seahawks needed defensive line help. They needed to revamp the offensive line. I felt very good about the defensive back room right up until the Quinton Dunbar fiasco occurred.

The team had some odd draft choices. They spent their first-round pick on a linebacker. This is just one year after they selected two linebackers in the middle rounds. They also just re-signed Bruce Irvin and still have KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner under contract.

This was a better future move than one to help immediately. It was also a historic wide receiver class, yet they chose not to dip into the depth at that position at all. I am not taking a dig at our draft class. I actually feel really high on the overall talent the team accumulated.

When I look at the players, I see future stars. It’s just Seattle needed stars for today, not for the future. There were some very big opportunities out there that Seattle should have been all over. At this point looking at the roster, it’s hard to say the team looks better this year than they did last.

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