Seahawks trade for Jamal Adams and remake Legion of Boom

The Seahawks made a year-changing trade on Saturday by acquiring Jamal Adams from the Jets. How much will Adams help Seattle in 2020?

Legion of Boom 2.0 is now a very real possibility. On Saturday the Seahawks traded for First-Team All-Pro strong safety Jamal Adams. Adams is a lot like Kam Chancellor, only with more speed. And he is a bit like Earl Thomas, only he can play the run better. Adams will change the fortunes of the Seahawks defense.

It is clear at this point that Seattle is building its defense more as a backend strong unit/ Get the linebackers and secondary right and the rest will fall in place. Let’s assume Quinton Dunbar will not be suspended and not face jail time in 2020. Seattle’s secondary is now one of the best in the NFL.

In fact, the Seahawks secondary is so good it would rival the Legion of Boom. Quandre Diggs isn’t as good as Earl Thomas but he isn’t that far off. Adams is probably better than Chancellor, no offense to Kam. Richard Sherman is better than Shaquill Griffin, but not by much. And Dunbar is better than whoever Seattle had opposite Sherman.

Jamal Adams is under contract through 2021 so he will help the Seahawks for at least two years. After that, Seattle will likely sign Adams to a longer-term contract. Diggs is signed through 2021 as well so Seattle is set at safety for now.

The Seahawks didn’t get Jamal Adams for cheap, though. Seattle gave up Bradley McDougald, a first-round choice in both 2021 and 2022 and a third round choice in 2021. In return, Seattle got Adams and a 2022 fourth round pick.

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But wait, there’s more. Because Seattle trade McDougald and his $4 million contract and got Adams and his $825,000 contract instead, the Seahawks free up some cap space for 2020. This could mean Seattle has more money to sign Jadeveon Clowney. So getting Adams could mean Seattle can get Clowney too. 2020 could be a special year.

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