Jadeveon Clowney’s market could explode in the next week

Seahawks free agent Jadeveon Clowney is still available today. However, he may not be for long. There is a strong possibility his market could explode in the next week or so.

The NFL and NFLPA have come to terms on a way for players to opt-out for the 2020 season. Players have until 7 days after the agreement is signed to opt-out. Problem is, the agreement still hasn’t been signed and players are already opting out. What does this mean for Jadeveon Clowney?

When a player opts out, the player’s cap hit for that season virtually disappears. The guaranteed money for that year and the contract will toll to future seasons (salary moved from 2020 to the next season, so on and so forth). The cap hit for any player who opts out will be removed completely for the current year.

An example Chance Warmack opted out for the Seahawks. His cap hit changed from $1.047 million to $0 for 2020. Meanwhile, he wasn’t going to be under contract for 2021, but due to this his 1.047 cap hit is now going to hit the Seahawks for 2021.

As for the season at hand, there is a strong chance this could open up a lot of money. It could also provide an opportunity for a free agent like Jadeveon Clowney to still get paid.

Some of the players who have already opted out: Click here for the full list.

Player                                   Team                     Position

Star Lotulelei                      Bills                        DT

Devin Funchess                 Packers                 WR

Dont’a Hightower            Patriots                 LB

Chance Warmack              Seahawks            G

Michael Pierce                   Vikings                  DT

Eddie Goldman                  Bears                     DT

There are quite a few players who have already opted out. With at least 7 days left for this to occur, there is a very real possibility that a big name player, for a competition team could opt-out. They could decide playing this year simply isn’t worth it. Perhaps the player has a newborn or a family member who has cancer and simply can’t risk it. It’s understandable.

While this hurts the team, it also hurts the players. For the player to opt-out, they will receive either $150k or 350k one time payment. The lesser amount is for voluntary opt-outs. The greater amount is for high-risk players who opt-out. They are taking potentially massive financial hits to not play this season.

So please be understanding toward the players who opt-out. We do not know what kind of situations they have in their homes and around them. They are simply doing what they believe is right for their people.

What this could do is open up a massive hole on a competing team. There is no bigger name left on the market than Jadeveon Clowney. If a big name defensive lineman opts out and plays on a team with Super Bowl aspirations, there is an opportunity for Clowney to jump in. Not only jump in but get paid handsomely to do so. Which is rare this late into the off-season.

I want to provide an example, again this is purely an example and there is no fact behind this proposed opt-out situation. Nevertheless, it paints a picture of where this could come into play.

  • Let’s say star DE Cameron Jordan from the Saints opts out. He doesn’t see the worth playing this year. The Saints and aging Drew Brees will still be gung-ho trying to win it all before Bree’s decides to hang up his cleats.
  • Jordon opting out would open up $9 million extra in cap space for the Saints to spend. There is no way they wouldn’t try to throw that, plus some of the extra they have sitting on the side ($5 million) at Clowney. There simply isn’t another defensive line player near his caliber available.

If this is indeed what Clowney is waiting for, it might be somewhat unorthodox, but semi-genius as well. I have to give him credit for that. Making the most of a problematic situation.

If this happens his market could explode. This is especially true if there are numerous big-name players who opt-out and a bidding war begins for Clowney’s services. This is something that should be closely monitored.

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Just for the record, only one Seahawk has opted out so far, Chance Warmack. Also, the Seahawks have not closed the door on Clowney returning. However, it seems fairly unlikely they bring him back. From what I can gather, the Seahawks are pleased with how they have remedied the pass-rushing issues from last year already. But, never say never.

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