Evaluating what a Jamal Adams extension could look like

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One thing is clear, Jamal Adams will be the highest-paid defensive back in the league. The question remains, what is it going to cost the Seahawks?

The Seahawks made a bold move trading for Jamal Adams. The team is a perennial playoff squad. However, they just haven’t quite got over the hump to be a true Super Bowl contender. This was a move made to remedy this situation.

Jamal Adams is a bonafide superstar in the NFL. There aren’t many players of his caliber roaming the field. I have heard comparisons ranging from a potential hall of fame player in Troy Polamalu to a Kam Chancellor/ Earl Thomas hybrid. The comparisons are understandable. Adams is a freak athlete. He plays with phenomenal range, can defend the pass, defend the run and rush the passer.

Given his level of talent, how did the Seahawks pull this off? I am sure there is more than one answer. The first and most obvious would be the lack of success in New York. The most successful season Adams has experienced so far ended with a record of just 7-9. He has yet to play in the postseason.

The second reason belongs to the Jets leadership team. Adams felt they weren’t honest with him. He felt they mislead him multiple times regarding contract negotiations. He also felt the head coach wasn’t a leader. He didn’t respect the two people in charge of handling the organization. He wanted out.

I have heard some say the sheer volume of trade assets given up was too much for a safety, regardless of his talent level. What I can tell you, if there were ever a time to trade the farm for a player, today is that day. With the pandemic potential hindering the college football season, scouting profiles could be very incomplete. The NFL draft next year could be a complete crapshoot.

John Schneider had an interview with Pete King recently. They talked about the value that was given up to acquire Adams. The trade value equaled out to what it would take for the Seahawks to trade from a late first-round pick to the 6th overall selection.

It is fair to say that was too steep for a player that is already two thirds through his rookie contract. However, there is one big difference. Trading for the number 6 draft pick still carries a lot of risk. Look at the 49ers number 3 overall pick from 2017, Solomon Thomas. He has barely cracked the playing rotation despite being a top pick.

Seattle traded for a player that is about as close to a guarantee as you can get. Plus, this trade keeps its star QB happy. Wilson now knows that the team is actively trying to bring talent to the city. He is getting the superstars he asked for.

The trade as a whole is a good move short term. However, for this to be a worthwhile trade long-term investment, the Seahawks need to extend Jamal Adams beyond the 2021 season. Brady Henderson with ESPN reported an extension will not occur before the season. This is mainly due to concerns over the salary cap relating to the pandemic. So let’s examine Jamal Adams market.

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