Quinton Dunbar will face no charges but could face suspension

Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images /

Friday the Seahawks learned offseason acquisition Quinton Dunbar will face no charges for armed robbery. But the NFL could still suspend Dunbar.

Quinton Dunbar won’t be going to real jail. But the NFL might put him in football jail for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery in Florida in May. This is the world we live in where the NFL doles out a punishment that the legal system might not. Must be nice to be the King, and I don’t mean the United States judicial system. So the Seahawks might get Dunbar back sooner than a worst-case scenario.

That said, Dunbar was really cleared of not being involved in the alleged incident with Dunbar and Giants player (for now) DeAndre Baker were involved in taking money from criminals after a game of gambling. The actual details remain murky.

So murky, in fact, that Florida officials could not find enough evidence for Dunbar to be placed at the scene or involved. This means that Quinton Dunbar should play for the Seahawks this year and help make their secondary really good.

The problem I have with this is that I feel happy with Quinton Dunbar being able to play. Does that mean I value football over real life? I hope not. Does it mean that Dunbar is actually innocent of whatever happened? Not really or maybe.

Quinton Dunbar to be suspended?

And this is how the NFL will view it. The league cares more about its image than nearly anything else, other than money. Likely Dunbar will be suspended, but for how long? The NFL isn’t exactly consistent in how or when it hands out suspensions for players involved in possible incidents that might make the NFL look bad.

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Dunbar will probably be able to play a majority of the Seahawks season and is also likely to miss a couple of six games. Whenever he is able to play, Seattle is going to be a better team, no offense to Tre Flowers. But Dunbar is the kind of player that might help make Seattle a Super Bowl team and in 12s’ real lives, that is what matters.