Earl Thomas not well liked with Baltimore Ravens it seems

Former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas got in a fight this week in Baltimore Ravens camp. Now some members of the team want Thomas gone.

When Earl Thomas last left the field as a member of the Seattle Seahawks, he was being carted off and flipped his middle finger towards the Seattle sideline. At the time I gave Thomas some slack. He had been a great player for several years with Seattle and helped them win a Super Bowl. But now I am thinking, maybe Thomas is just a jerk.

On Friday, Earl Thomas got into a heated discussion with one of his current Baltimore Ravens teammates, Chuck Clark. Thomas later sent out a video of what happened before the altercation in which he admitted to a “busted coverage” on his part. Then Clark supposedly got angry with Thomas when Thomas “calmly” tried to explain what he had done.

Does this sound like Earl Thomas? No. Not really. Earl has a funny way of talking anyway. But the way the Ravens Leadership Council – made up of fellow Ravens players – has reportedly acted makes it seem as if Earl Thomas is not a well-liked player with the Ravens.

The Ravens sent Thomas home on Friday and he has not been at practice on Saturday either. A team’s management not caring for a player is one thing but fellow teammates wanting you to go away? That means you aren’t a nice guy to be around.

Earl Thomas and his legacy

And as much talent as Thomas has, you’d think that a team would simply want to have him around because he helps the team be better. Thomas is likely a future Hall of Fame player but that doesn’t mean he can not be a decent person as well.

In May, TMZ reported that Thomas was held at gunpoint by his own wife after he was allegedly caught cheating on her. I don’t know if Thomas did that or not but the incident with his wife did seem to happen.

Now Thomas’s own football teammates don’t seem to like him. Maybe the guy who flipped off the Seahawks sideline just weeks before owner Paul Allen passed away wasn’t just peeved that he didn’t get a new contract. Maybe Earl Thomas is just a self-absorbed human being who doesn’t care about much other than himself.

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No matter what, he won’t be coming back to the Seahawks. Thomas was a great player in a Seattle jersey. But new Seattle safety Jamal Adams is younger and better now. Seattle doesn’t need him. But worse for Thomas, the Ravens don’t even seem to want him. That must hurt.


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