Seahawks position preview: Cornerback breakdowns, starters, and cuts

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The Seahawks have had some interesting additions and subtractions in their cornerback group. So who are they? Who will be cut? And who will make the roster?

This has certainly been an offseason that Seahawks fans will always remember, and the cornerback group has a lot to do with that. Of course, COVID-19 has dominated the headlines for every NFL team this offseason, but Quinton Dunbar and Kemah Siverand have also spent their time as the big stories of the offseason.

Dunbar was acquired by the Seahawks from the Washington Football Team in March. Soon to follow would be a legal rollercoaster that left Seahawks fans wondering for months if Dunbar would be able to play this year. For now, Dunbar is practicing and it looks like he is in the clear to play this season.

Then there’s Kemah Siverand. In a slow news cycle, he created a story that the Barstools and Deadspins of the world could only dream about. Siverand, a now-former Seahawks rookie, snuck a female dressed in Seahawks gear as a disguise, into the Seahawks hotel one night during training camp. He was then released for violating the team’s policy to avoid players contracting COVID-19.

Even though the Seahawks corners dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons, they are certainly looking like they will be one of the stronger position groups for the Seahawks in 2020. So let’s meet the ones who remain on the roster as they have not tried to sneak anyone into the team hotel during a pandemic.

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