Seattle Seahawks start LJ Collier week one versus Falcons

The Seahawks appear to be on the verge of starting defensive end L.J. Collier in week one versus the Falcons. This could be a good sign or a bad sign.

Let’s be clear. Seahawks defensive lineman L.J. Collier was a complete bust in his rookie season. Fact: He had 3 total tackles. Also fact: No quarterback hits. Also also fact: Collier started no games and played in 11. He was a waste of a roster spot. At least, he was in his rookie year.

Best-case scenario

So, maybe the Seahawks know a lot more than 12s do. For Seattle to even offer to start Collier in the first game of his second season when he was absolutely hugely horrible in year one must mean something, right? Because otherwise the move of starting Collier over Rasheem Green, who led the Seahawks in sacks in 2019, seems desperate.

Green isn’t otherworldly but is fundamentally good. That is like saying, “Well, the guy in the Nirvana cover band knows the right chords to play but he isn’t exactly Kurt Cobian.” Well, that’s exciting stuff (sarcasm implied). But Green still had 4 more sacks and was in on 24 more tackles than Collier last year.

Maybe the Seahawks were kind of holding Collier back? Like a redshirt year in college. Collier must be good or Seattle wouldn’t start him, correct? If coach Pete Carroll is correct, Collier will have a sack and be in on five tackles against the Falcons in week one.

Worst-case scenario

But on the flipside, L.J. Collier could just be a flop. The Seahawks aren’t exactly great recently with first-round draft choices. Collier might start week one, produce absolutely nothing early on and Seattle replaces him quickly with Green. Then Green plays well and Collier rarely sees the light of day on the field again with Seattle.

The truth is Collier will probably be OK, but not great. Seattle is counting on depth and not starting high quality on the defensive line this season. Collier will start and Green will get a lot of snaps. Let’s just hope both are good.