Seahawks versus Falcons turning point: Pete rolls the dice!

The Seahawks – Falcons game turned on one key moment. The impact of this play will have a lasting effect throughout the season as well.

Every game has a turning point; some are easier to spot than others. This moment is so identifiable even someone who’s never seen a football game could recognize it. No, it wasn’t the moment Russell Wilson put his helmet on to start the game, although that came in a close second. I don’t think it was the sack by Jamal Adams, either; we all knew he would help remake the defense, though. No, I’m talking about the key moment when the Seahawks took control of the game for good.

You know the moment and the play, but allow me to recreate the scene. The Seahawks had let the Falcons close the gap on the scoreboard to 14-12 at halftime. Wilson drove the team to the Atlanta 38 in the opening drive of the second half, but the drive stalled. It’s fourth down and 5 to go. The only question is, will Pete Carroll send in Jason Myers for a 45-yard field goal attempt, or have Michael Dickson stick a punt inside the five-yard line?

Seahawks usually play the percentages

All good 12s just knew that Pete would take the three points, or maybe pin the Falcons down. Those are the percentage plays for any football coach, and especially for and in-game conservative like Carroll. So of course, Pete rolls the dice and goes for it. Brian Schottenheimer, also Mr. Conservative on the field, says let’s go for it all. And all your game MVP does is throw a perfect strike over the coverage to DK Metcalf to put the Seahawks up by six more. In essence, the game was over when Wilson connected on that pass.

Now here’s why this was a turning point for more than one game. Number 3 hadn’t missed on a single pass all day, except when he targeted Metcalf. The second-year phenom had already missed two passes, one on this very drive. Yet the coaching staff and team leader all told Metcalf, you go this. You’re a go-to player. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting Tyler Lockett, and neither is Wilson. But Metcalf knows that Wilson and his coaches trust him to get the job done at the critical moment. It was just the first drive of the half, but the Seahawks took a big gamble, and they trusted a man who’d already missed two opportunities to make the play. And he did just that.

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Okay, I’ll admit, it certainly helps when Russell Wilson is the guy rolling the dice for you. But even more than the execution of the play – perfect, by the way – was the fact that the Seahawks even called for it. I absolutely see this as a turning point for the Hawks offense this year. There’s a very good reason #LetRussCook is trending, and that gutsy play is the best example why.