3 defensive tackles the Seahawks need to sign today

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The Seahawks 53-man squad is set. Unfortunately, their defensive tackle position is paper-thin. This article goes over 3 players Seattle should sign today.

The Seahawks are going all-in on a Super Bowl win this year. They have constructed a near-perfect defense on paper. They have youth, they have savvy veterans, they have speed, they have leaders and budding chemistry.

However, what they don’t have is a stout defensive line. I have full confidence in the rest of the defensive unit. The only problem is, if the defensive line cannot contain the offensive line, those offensive linemen can leak to the second level to block the linebackers/blitzers.

Given the lack of sure-fire talent at the defensive end, this is surely how Seattle is planning on creating pressure on the quarterback. By utilizing creative blitzes with the linebackers, safeties and cornerbacks.

So it stands to reason that all that is needed at this point is a massive body to help absorb bodies on the defensive line. An Al Woods type role if you will. Seattle currently has Poona Ford, Jarran Reed and Bryan Mone at DT. That’s it. Just those 3.

Seattle rotates defensive lineman more than about anyone in the NFL. Sure, LJ Collier and Rasheem Green will likely move inside on obvious passing downs or in nickel. However, they still need a big body next to them.

Week 1 did little to assure me our tackle depth is ready for the long haul. This is especially true with Rasheem Green coming down with an injury. Seattle needs to bring more men into the rotation.

This brings me to the article. 3 defensive lineman the Seahawks can’t afford to miss.

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