Seahawks versus Cowboys: Staff predictions see a tight game

Our staff was more confident about Seahawks victories in the first two weeks of 2020. But against the Cowboys in week three we aren’t so sure.

The 2-0 Seahawks take on the 1-1 Cowboys on Sunday. Both teams have great offenses and, so far in 2020, no pass rush. Sounds like it might be a high scoring game? Here are our staff’s best guesses on what will happen in week three.

Geoff Shull, Contributor

I’m all in. The play calling has been superb. The on the field play has been sensational. Russell Wilson looks like the MVP through 2 weeks. Brian Schottenheimer is calling plays to Wilson’s strength. Chris Carson is dominating. The offensive line is the best it’s been in years. I don’t see how the Cowboys could win.

Prediction: Seahawks 31 Cowboys 26

Reuben Gasee, Contributor

This game will be a tight one between two dynamic offenses. It should be a high scoring game as both teams possess top tier quarterbacks with strong pass-catching and rushing options to supplement the signal-caller. It will all come down to which defense can contain the opposing offense better by slowing down their dynamic attacks. The Seahawks defensive unit took a hit as Bruce Irvin is done for the season which is a big blow to the team as a whole. It will be a close one all game but the Cowboys will end up taking this highly contested matchup.

Prediction: Cowboys 37 Seahawks 31

Jake Luppino, Contributor

Earlier in the month, when drawing up my September preview for the Seattle Seahawks, I had them losing to the Cowboys 24-14. But, I am changing my mind for a couple of reasons. First, the Seahawks are playing good football. The defense has been shaky in the first two games, but they have shown up when it mattered most. I trust that in this week’s game, they will once again come up big when called upon as Dallas has an explosive offense. Also, the run defense has been impressive and if they can contain Zeke, then they will be able to force Dak into some turnovers. Secondly and most importantly, the Seahawks are letting Russ cook. In the first two games, Wilson has only 11 incompletions and 9 TDs.

Dallas’ secondary is weak and I expect him to have another huge game. By no means will this game be a blowout. I think the ending of this game will be very similar to last week. Seattle is up 23-20, forces a turnover and scores. Dallas answers to make it 30-27 and this time, Seattle is able to run the clock out and secure the victory to improve to 3-0.

Prediction: Seahawks 30 Cowboys 27

Karley Sibert, Contributor

The only thing that worries me about this match-up is Seattle’s defense. Even with Jamal Adams on the team, the secondary hasn’t shown to be too productive. And the defensive line is abysmal right now. The run defense improved in week two but the pass rush is still merely absent. The Cowboys rank second in the league in passing yards per game and their receivers consistently average about 10 yards per reception. Seattle has to step it up early this season or risk losing the NFC West division when it’s all said and done.

Prediction: Cowboys 38 Seahawks 35

Todd Vandenberg, Contributor

The Seahawks face another perennial NFC power when the Cowboys visit this Sunday. The question is, which Dallas team will they face, the team that scored just 17 against the Rams, or the group that hung 40 points on the Falcons? For that matter, will it be the team that trailed by 20 in the first quarter or the unit that scored 30 in the second half? The Pokes are consistently inconsistent. They’re dangerous on offense and a danger to themselves on defense. The Hawks offense has been en fuego with Russell Wilson in full chef mode, while the defense has come up big on key plays. I see this as a crowdpleaser for the 12s, even though they’ll have to crowd in their own homes.

Prediction: Seahawks 34 Cowboys 23

Lee Vowell, Expert

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I am really worried about the fact that the Seahawks have no front four pass rush. This isn’t a problem that suddenly gets fixed. Maybe once Alton Robinson and Darrell Taylor start playing – if they do – it could help. But I doubt it. In week three, Seattle is facing a great running back, a good quarterback and good receivers. Seattle simply allows too much time for quarterbacks to throw and that will hurt them this week, no matter how great Russell Wilson is.

Prediction: Cowboys 38 Seahawks 35