Seahawks week three MVP: wide open wide receiver Tyler Lockett

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 27: Tyler Lockett #16 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 27: Tyler Lockett #16 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks moved their record to 3-0 Sunday, and no one had a bigger impact on the game than Tyler Lockett. I’m pretty sure he’s open right now.

Yes 12s, I know that DK Metcalf scored what proved to be the winning touchdown. I know all about Alton Robinson and the huge sack of Dak Prescott. I didn’t miss Ryan Neal‘s game-saving interception, either. We’ve covered all that already. And I noticed that league MVP – I mean, come on, who else could it be – Russell Wilson tossed five more touchdowns. None of that changes that no one came up bigger in the Seahawks win over Dallas than the unstoppable Tyler Lockett.

Before we get to how astounding Lockett was, I probably need to explain why I’m not naming the guy who threw all those touchdown passes to him, plus a couple more. For one thing, it would get pretty boring to see Wilson’s name in the headline for 16 straight weeks. Okay, that’s not true, and it smacks of the “let’s give the MVP to someone else” argument you see all too often in sports. The MVP, or whatever the award is, goes to the player that earned it, not someone whose “turn” it is.

So, DangeRuss threw five scores, and should have had six, thanks a lot, DK. But he also looked slightly human. Going into the game, he had nine touchdowns against 11 incompletions, an absolutely ridiculous ratio. Sunday, Wilson threw those five touchdown passes but also was “just” 27-40. Yeah, I know, that’s still pretty good, but that’s more incompletions than he had in the Seahawks first two games combined. It may be a crazy standard, but he set the bar himself.

So, back to number 16. Lockett scored three touchdowns, but that barely touches on just how brilliant he was against the Pokes. The Dallas secondary looked like slowpokes for much of the day, especially in the first half against Lockett. Two of his scores were just for one yard, but his first was a bit more spectacular. Go ahead, bask in the glory of this play:

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Lockett was so open, I could have hit him with the ball. Sure, it would have taken me five throws, ten yards at a time, but he was so far behind the secondary, I would have had time to do it. He was eight yards beyond the nearest defender and even had to slow up just a bit to wait on the ball. You’d think that the Dallas coaches would keep track of the guy, right? After all, Wilson did have a perfect passer rating when targeting him in 2018. Lockett was basically better last year, so…

…of course, the Cowboys managed to lose Lockett again. This time, he was only about three yards past the poor sap in coverage:

By the way, if you aren’t following Samuel Gold, that’s @SamuelRGold on the Twitter machine, you’re missing out. You can find his great work in The Athletic as well. Terrific stuff. So, back to Mr. Lockett. Russ decides it’s time to serve up another Seahawks favorite – Tyler Lockett so open, you almost can’t see any defenders:

Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty good performance. Six catches, 71 yards, three scores in the first half alone. The only reason Lockett didn’t have more touchdowns in the second half is that Wilson is a nice guy, and wanted his other receivers to know he cares about them, too. Lockett did have two more catches after halftime to reach 100 yards receiving for the game.

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Tyler Lockett could get open in a sardine can. The man put on an absolute clinic in receiving. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time Lockett was named the MVP of a game, and I know for certain it won’t be the last. Much like the great Doug Baldwin, he may not be a large man, but his talent is enormous.