says Seahawks are not as good as the Rams says that the Rams are the best team in the NFC and not the Seahawks.

Oh, You make me sad. You did admittedly put your thought that the Rams are better than the Seahawks under your Unpopular Opinions heading. But it is an unpopular opinion because it is simply a false one. is wrong.

The reason thinks the Seahawks are a lesser team than the Rams is because Los Angeles has a better defense. That may be true. Seattle’s defense this year has stunk. But 2020 is a year for NFL offenses due to lack of training camp and practices because of COVID-19. (Los Angeles probably has the better defensive coordinator as well.)

Rams schedule

Plus, who exactly have the Rams played? They started with the Cowboys. Dallas has a good offense, but this was in week one when teams were still trying to figure out what they might be. Seattle gave up 25 points in week one to the Falcons who scored 39 points in week two versus Dallas and 26 against the Bears in week three and no one would debate the Bears defense is really good.

Since then the Rams have played the Washington Football Team (bad team and gave up 10 points), the Giants (awful team and gave up 9 points), the Eagles (another bad team with a horrible offensive line and gave up 19 points) and the Bills (who beat the Rams when the Rams gave up 35 points).

For the record, Washington is 30th in the NFL in scoring, the Giants are 31st and the Eagles are 23rd.

Seahawks opponents

Seattle meanwhile has beaten every team they have faced (unlike the Rams). The Seahawks have faced the 21st ranked team in scoring (the Falcons), the 23rd ranked team (the Patriots), 3rd ranked team in scoring (the Cowboys), the 14th team (Dolphins) and then the 15th team (the Vikings).

Seattle has faced better offenses than the Rams and done so without a fully healthy defense (Jamal Adams has missed the last two games, for instance). Maybe Los Angeles beats Seattle once this year because they always seem to do so even when the Rams have been bad. But the Rams are not better than the Seahawks. By the end of the year, this will be truth and not a wrong assumption by